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Introduction to SWAG

SWAG is creating a strong infrastructure for the Semantic Web, whilst working with various members of the Web community to ensure data interoperability. The SWAG Dictionary, a database of terms for the Semantic Web, is our first important project to that end. Our work should always be available at our PURL (persistent URL) as described in our URI Persistence Policy.

SWAG Dictionary

The SWAG Dictionary is a rich interconnected vocabulary of terms for the Semantic Web that can be referred to by humans, SW "bots", and eventually SW browsers.

Education and Outreach



SWAG Background Resources

SWAG-DEV Message Archives

All current SWAG development work takes place on the SWAG-DEV mailing list (archives). Subscription to the group is open to the public and encouraged. Membership in the WG is by WG consensus.

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